Camilo Restrepo

About Camilo

From South of Many Borders

Hailing from Colombia, this former rock performer cut his teeth in a variety of establishments and festivals during the most prolific era of the Colombian Blues scene. 

Paying dues

Yet fulfillment could not help Camilo keep his passion alive. Keeping his band ticking like a clock was no longer possible due to personal responsibilities and lack of clarity regarding individual paths. Camilo took leave to Chicago to prepare and work as a counselor and now has the privilege of working as a case worker for those with severe mental illness while practicing and gigging through the city's nighttime.

New Roads

A lifetime of Rock & Roll frontmanship would lead to a more intimate relationship with the roots of American music and culture. From mundane to boisterous to outright risqué, Camilo's soloist repertoire ranges from classic Robert Johnson takes, to the more obscure predecessors of the genre, while stopping to salute folk masters such as Dave van Ronk. Camilo's rendition of classic tunes are meticulously respectful of original recordings while inevitably conveying his personal sensitivities. Camilo plays all around his adoptive home of Chicago, a city that provided the atmosphere for him to hone his skills and finally channel his lifelong love for the Blues.

Terraplane Blues Robert Johnson

Dockerlee@National Museum of Mexican art

Crossroads Blues (Robert Johnson)

Prayer of Death (Charley Patton)

Preachin' Blues (Up Jumped the Devil) Robert Johnson En el Festival Altavoz 2018


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